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AI Development must be Regulated on a Global level

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        Although there are many benefits Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring into our daily lives, AI development without any sort of regulations holds a potential threat to us as well. This is where we, the people, come in. It is only natural to inform others of a potential danger ahead of time. For quite some time now, AI has been highly regarded as a means to making our lives much simpler to live and it seemed as if AI had the potential of making all such hardships go away. However, due to organizations such as the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and its members such as Bill Gates, the idea of AI making our lives simpler is not for the better but is rather becoming a downfall to humans. AI is currently not at a worrisome level of a threat however it can quickly become one if we are unable to inform people of why they should care and how to get everyone around them to care. Before we journey into the why and how, please watch the video above to get a simplied/general idea of what AI really is. 

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