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Why Should Anyone Care?

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        So what does all have to do with you? Why should you feel anything about this? Imagine a world ran by robots powered by AI. You may think of several sci-fi movies like Terminator or Robo-Cop. You may also be snickering in disbelief soon after you read the mentioned movies but would you be laughing if someone were to tell you that there is in fact a high chance of either of those movies to become a reality in the next fifty years? If one of the two were to happen, Robo-Cop would be the preferable option.

       So we at Awareness Co. may be making a bold claim but it is in fact backed by great logic. If you don't take anything from this, make sure you remember the following. When Amazon had acquired Kiva Robotics in 2012 for 775 million USD, about 160 workers were laid off. Amazon executive Dave Clark quotes that "Kiva Robots have cut operating expenses by 20% ($22,000,000)." Amazon is a huge company but businesses as small as local Pizzeria's are laying off workers after purchasing robots for kitchen operations due to efficiency and accuracy with little to no mistakes. So this only pertains to the human workforce and business owners but what about the common civillians? Unfortunately, there will most definitely be social consequences due to no such ethical boundaries in place for AI developers. 

        Did you know that AI is so intelligent that there are humanoid like robots being created in several parts of the world? Click here for more information. It would be great if the developments were used for purposes as shown in the link above however, there are several citizens of Japan that have purchased AI Robots with intentions of romance. As disturbing as this is, the world will soon follow along. This is an example of how necessary it is for ethical boundaries to be in place that prohibits AI developers with abnormal intentions from the start.

        With these terrifying images being created in our mind and such visible threat to the human workforce, what can you possibly do in order to provide an alternative solution for society and its workers? Continue to Get Involved in order to find out! 

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